Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of church is St. John’s MCC?

We are a community committed to following the teachings and example of Jesus, open to all people, preaching and teaching the inclusive love and justice of God found in and through Jesus the Christ. As part of the Metropolitan Community Churches, we started with a primary outreach to the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender community that has broadened to include all of God’s people.

Is St. John’s MCC a “Gay” Church?

While the primary outreach of all MCCs is to the LGBTQIA community, anyone and everyone is welcome at St. John’s MCC. We welcome and embrace people from all walks of life who seek to enter into, build or deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ.

So you believe it is possible to be lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and/or transgender AND a Christian?

ABSOLUTELY! Modern Biblical Scholarship continues to discover and reveal that the eight Biblical references to homosexual behavior, when taken in context and with a proper understanding of the original language and historical setting, do not condemn sexual orientation as we understand it today nor committed, monogamous relationships in the L/G/B/T community. We know and believe that God made us and loves us all . . . just as we are! We have a variety of literature available to explore these ideas in more detail.

Isn’t it true that the Christian church has long been a very judgmental, hypocritical institution?

It is true that the Christian Church, as a whole, has been the perpetrator of many wrongs and injustices throughout the ages since its inception. Because the Church exists within the context of history and society and is made up of human beings, there has been much that is wrong with the institution. However, these wrongs do not reflect the universal love of God nor Jesus Christ’s message of redemption and reconciliation. In MCC, we worship God, who is inclusive in every respect . . . In love of all humanity and in being reflected through all people . . . regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation or any other factor. Jesus himself was very much a revolutionary. He broke many social taboos of his day in order to interact with and uplift the great variety of people he encountered. Christianity, as Christ teaches it, does not demean or malign ANYONE, but rather reaches out to, welcomes, and embraces ALL people as unique and special creations made by God alone.

I’ve been away from church for a while, and I don’t know if I want to get involved right now. Can I just come to worship and not join the church?

Absolutely. Please take whatever time you need to discern the direction God is calling you, whether you need to rediscover God’s love, allow healing to happen, or simply check the church out and see if it’s the right place for you. Feel free to sample the opportunities offered for fellowship, study, and service, but please do not stay away or feel embarrassed if you only wish to come pray and worship with us.

What type of people worship at St. John's MCC?

Our congregation can be described in one word: diverse. You will see all of God's human creation at St. John's MCC on Sunday morning, including young and old, women and men, gay and straight, singles and families, folks of every race and color, and everyone in between. We truly believe that God's love is for all people.

What should I wear?

There’s no formal dress code at St. John’s MCC, and the attire on Sunday morning is just as varied as our worship styles. You will see a bit of everything: people in their “Sunday best,” folks in “business casual” and those in jeans and t-shirts. You’ll even find during the warmer months people wearing shorts and flip-flops! It’s completely up to you to dress to your level of comfort. Most importantly, though, we look forward to seeing you, not what you’re wearing.