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Welcome to St. John’s Metropolitan Community Church!

Rev. R. David SmithWelcome to St. John’s Metropolitan Community Church where we embrace the Spiritual needs of LGBTI community and all those who would walk with us. We’ve been doing it for over 40 years. We are as unapologetic about our faith in the saving grace of Jesus Christ and the active presence of the Holy Spirit in our world as we are about the ones we love and the families we choose. We actively work to become and create a place where all are welcomed, embraced and encouraged.

St. John’s is a community of learners celebrating the priesthood of all believers. Here you can discover, reclaim and refine your calling to deeper ministry. Members of St. John’s have gone on to lead congregations in Rochester, Omaha, Chattanooga, Baton Rouge, New Haven, Dallas, Houston, Denton, Norfolk, Las Vegas and Orlando where the ministry of Joy MCC was especially vital in the aftermath of the Pulse massacre. We are enriched by the talent, experiences, life skills and diversity of Christian teachings that are represented in our community.

Four committed pastors in our first 40 years have included several firsts in our movement: the first African American male to plant a church and two others; the first heterosexual woman to be ordained, and the first clergy person to transition while pastor of a major congregation. We are currently invested in a year of transformation and I am the intentional interim pastor prior to beginning our search to call a settled pastor in 2017.

It is a privilege and an honor to collaborate with the saints at St. John’s to prepare to call the leader that we believe God is preparing for us and to ready ourselves for our next 40 years. I invite you to come witness the benefits of our history and be a part of our transformation and future.