Oh God, Where Art Thou

by Vance Haywood July 22, 2022

published in QNotes

Pastor VanceIt’s the middle of 2022, pandemics linger, wars are underway, economic equity is distant, human and individual rights teeter on a pinpoint, even the planet itself is reeling with extreme disasters heading towards collapse. Moreover, people are becoming overwhelmed. Even those who try to ignore the greater world’s problems and focus on themselves are losing it.


Whether Islamic or Christian, Jewish or Hindi, Buddhist, Shinto, Norse/Pagan or of Indigenous belief, each in our own way and language are, screaming “oh God, where art thou.” As a faith/spiritual leader, I am expected to have all the answers – “you studied the texts, you pray really good, God anointed you to guide/lead, tell us that it will be all right and where God is in the midst of MY struggle and all of these world crises?”