Decency Demands Dignity

Decency Demands Justice

Decency Demands Dignity

We Are One in Spirit as a Rainbow of God’s People


Black and brown, red and yellow, tan and olive, peach and white;

We are the image of God and God’s true delight.


Cis or Non; Straight, Gay or Trans; Bi, Questioning or Queer;

as One People we do stand, unmoved by ignorance and fear.


Indigenous, of the First Nations, multi-generational by choice or slavery tears,

Refugee, immigrant, alien, however our families appeared;


A Melting Pot forms this Great Nation, united in Promise and not despair;

For “We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident,” our independence we do declare.


All PEOPLE are created equal, oppression and tyranny cast away;

Rights inalienable, endowed by our Creator, we declare upon this day;


Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness; Divine providence God does imbue;

Pledging our Lives, Fortunes, Sacred Honor - Freedom and Independence we do pursue.


Moreover, WE THE PEOPLE, in Our Constitution do demand:

A more perfect Union for all peoples in the running of this vast and sacred land.


For Justice, Tranquility, the general Welfare; are the Blessings of Liberty the founders wrote.

Our common defense is in our UNITY, the Worthiness of ALL, the LOVE we promote.