Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

A former pastor of St. John's MCC, the Rev. Brendan Boone, developed a tool that helps us realize how God has equipped us for work in God's realm. There are SO many ways we can use those gifts.


When you let us know what your Spiritual Gifts are, we can guide you to work in our Community and with our Church that may be the best fit. This tool helps us do that together.


The online Inventory consists of 150 short statements. You can respond quickly to them - requiring only about 30 minutes to complete for most people - and you can use your smartphone to take it.

If you already know what your Spiritual Gifts, Passions, and Abilities are, please help us by letting us know. Go to your profile in our system by tapping on your picture or initials in the upper right corner of the screen, tap on the "Actions" button under your name, and then "My Fit" in the drop down menu. Use the 4 tabs to tell us about you.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jim Manchester (Jim.Manchester@StJohnsMCC.org) or our Pastor.