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Finding God in the Stillness.

Vance Haywood 2017by Rev. Vance Haywood • Saturday, August 15, 2020

This morning as I woke up, my attention was immediately drawn to the silence. My fan wasn’t running and the power had gone out due to the storms and a tree falling in my neighborhood. It was odd, even after years of learning to sit in the stillness and silence. It also was a welcome opportunity to be reminded of just how God is revealed when we take time to see.

As I went outside to heat water over the gas burner to brew some coffee, I sat and thought about the family that we got a call about yesterday. A young child is now in hospice care, and the hospice center connected them with us to be able to help with support through our pantry.

I thought about what that mother must be thinking in those same moments as she woke up this morning. How is she coping with the reality she and her family now face? God showed up in this woman that I haven’t met yet to remind me of amazing grace. I was in amazement at the strength she must have and humbled at the ways that God has positioned us to cross paths.

I was humbled all the more when I started receiving messages this morning asking for ways that people could give to help this family. Mothers who no doubt are moved to reach out because of a shared parental bond between mother and child. Others who are simply moved by Spirit to DO! All people that God showed up in and through their willingness and their action.

I arrived at the church later in the morning (since my power was still out, I figured I would come up here and work) and found some of our volunteers that were waiting to get started processing donations that are scheduled. As I arrived, they greeted me with a warm welcome as they normally do and acknowledged that they had not expected to see me today.

I shared with them I had come in because the power was out at my house since early this morning. They immediately started checking on me, asking me “Did you alert the company?” “Do you have coolers to keep your food from going bad?” “Is there anything that we can do?”

They took a genuine interest and wanted to make sure that I was cared for. Now you may say, this seems like an ordinary response and nothing spectacular. The part that makes this so amazing is that the group of folks who were checking on me because I had simply lost my power; they live every day without power. Most if not all of them slept in tents last night and faced the elements such as humidity, mosquitos, and the very storms that had taken the trees out in my neighborhood.

God showed up yet again in the stillness and silence of the day. God showed up in these amazing saints who simply embraced what unconditional and all-inclusive love means.

What ways is God showing up for you today? Who is God revealing Godself through in your life? Will you sit in the stillness and wait for it?