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A Key

by Rev. Vance Haywood • February 22, 2020A House Key

What something as simple as a key can mean!

Most of us get to encounter many people in our daily lives as we go about doing our routine activities. We encounter people everywhere, at work, at the store, walking down the sidewalk, on the city bus, or one of the many other places that we frequent. I have the honor of being able to encounter about 80-100 people every day when I walk through the doors of the place many of us call home.

Yesterday I was reminded just how precious those moments are and how we should cherish them. As I came in yesterday a young woman that I know well was sitting in the foyer and greeted me! Things were rather busy as we prepared for the snow that had been predicted. She was really excited when I asked her if she had somewhere safe to go for the night; her eyes lit up and she said, “I have an apartment”. She was so excited to tell me that; while she was reaching in her pocket, she said “let me show you my key.” With joy filled eyes and a spirit that beamed with beauty, she showed me her key; something that was so precious to her.

I think on just how much that key meant to her! She had a place of her own now! Through tears of joy and mixed emotions I write this, thinking just how much these precious moments mean as we get to share them with each other!

I also know that for her, last night, she had a place to get in out of the weather. For so many others, that is not the case. Many of our friends and community had to sleep outdoors last night during frigid temperatures and snow and ice. One man told me this morning, as his tent would start to sag from the ice and snow piling up on it, he would sit up and knock it off to keep the tent from collapsing on them. He stayed awake all night to make sure that his home withstood the storm.

Again, reminding me of how precious these moments are that I get to share with so many people that are the embodiment of the Divine.

I encourage you, to take time to reflect on the interactions you have with those around you. Think about how your lived experiences have impacted you and how many paths we cross where a simple smile or chat may make all the difference in the world to you or to someone you meet!