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Dawning of a New Day

the orange glow

by Rev. Vance Haywood • September 9, 2019

Recently on a flight, I was seated near the area where the Flight Attendants gather. While sitting there overhearing the conversation a veteran flight attendant was having with a flight attendant in training, I heard her exclaim, “It’s almost time for my favorite part of the day, ‘the orange glow.’”

She continued to explain that she loves early morning flights because while in the air, she gets to see the sun peak out from the clouds casting a beautiful orange glow across the sky. She said that she would sit and look out the windows and marvel at the beauty of it. “It reminds me that this is the start of a new day in all of its beauty.” She spoke these words with such passion and emotion. I could see the sunrise and feel its warmth even before it was physically visible because of her energy and passion.

In that moment and again now, I am reminded of God’s Love and the warmth it brings. The excitement of a new day. The ways in which we are invited to experience that Love, that New Day; through the eyes of a stranger, the smile of a passerby, the tears of someone in pain, the voice of a child, the embrace of each other. All of these are opportunities for us to experience a renewal, a new day in our spirits.

Each opportunity invites us to see The “Son,” to see Love, to see God, peaking through the clouds. Clouds of injustice, clouds of oppression, clouds of religious tyranny, clouds of hatred, clouds of discrimination. It is a reminder that even in the toughest of times, that God is still there, piercing through all of that “stuff” that tries to cloud our vision.

Today I choose to raise my window shade, peer out into the sky, and see the God of Love shining bright, bringing about a New Day of my spirit. Even in the midst of my stuff!

What do you see as you raise your shade?

I look forward to reading about what you see on Facebook.