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A Key

by Rev. Vance Haywood • February 22, 2020A House Key

What something as simple as a key can mean!

Most of us get to encounter many people in our daily lives as we go about doing our routine activities. We encounter people everywhere, at work, at the store, walking down the sidewalk, on the city bus, or one of the many other places that we frequent. I have the honor of being able to encounter about 80-100 people every day when I walk through the doors of the place many of us call home.

Yesterday I was reminded just how precious those moments are and how we should cherish them. As I came in yesterday a young woman that I know well was sitting in the foyer and greeted me! Things were rather busy as we prepared for the snow that had been predicted. She was really excited when I asked her if she had somewhere safe to go for the night; her eyes lit up and she said, “I have an apartment”. She was so excited to tell me that; while she was reaching in her pocket, she said “let me show you my key.” With joy filled eyes and a spirit that beamed with beauty, she showed me her key; something that was so precious to her.

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Dawning of a New Day

the orange glow

by Rev. Vance Haywood • September 9, 2019

Recently on a flight, I was seated near the area where the Flight Attendants gather. While sitting there overhearing the conversation a veteran flight attendant was having with a flight attendant in training, I heard her exclaim, “It’s almost time for my favorite part of the day, ‘the orange glow.’”

She continued to explain that she loves early morning flights because while in the air, she gets to see the sun peak out from the clouds casting a beautiful orange glow across the sky. She said that she would sit and look out the windows and marvel at the beauty of it. “It reminds me that this is the start of a new day in all of its beauty.” She spoke these words with such passion and emotion. I could see the sunrise and feel its warmth even before it was physically visible because of her energy and passion.

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Mansions for a Song & Prayer

Newly built gated community, completely furnished, fully staffed - LGBTQQAA etc. welcome

Spiritual Reflections

Vance Haywood 2017

by Rev. Vance Haywood, guest contributor • QNotes • May 4, 2018

As a duly authorized agent for the New Jerusalem Kingdom of Heaven development currently under construction, I would like to dispel a couple of the myths that many of my predecessors and some of my contemporaries have told, often for the purpose of earning higher commissions for themselves.

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