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Tips at a Potluck


As a church kid, active member of MCC’s for 30 years and MCC Clergy for 20, I have been to more than a few potlucks. I even have my own “go to” potluck dishes for different occasions: bing cherry/pecan/jello salad for smaller events: meatball stroganoff for larger ones; cheese grits or green chili egg soufflé for breakfasts; and walnut brownies (a mix) for desserts. In Baltimore I especially remember the many, many pans of collards seasoned with turkey necks (which I don’t love—if you are seasoning with meat, why not go “whole hog”) I felt obliged as Pastor to sample. At least there was usually fabulous mac and cheese with cornmeal mixed in. Here at St. John’s I have learned to look forward to Charleston style rice (al dente) like my Mother’s Low Country family used to make. So, I am a potluck expert.

Here are my potluck tips:

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