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4 N Blount Street Raleigh NC

For 45 years St. John’s Metropolitan Community Church has been a safe place, a place of healing, and transformation. As we prepare for the next 45 years, help us find our new home and ministry facility that God is calling us to!

We want you to be able to tell your friends and neighbors about the latest progress we're making toward moving to our new home.

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Relocation Update: 9/6/2021

On Sunday, August 29th, St. John's MCC unanimously approved the following motion during the Special Congregational Meeting:

"The Relocation Team moves to approve the Board of Directors to enter into a contract within the boundaries set for in the attached letter of intent for the property located at 4 N. Blount St. The Board of Directors shall also be allotted a budget not to exceed $75,000 to be allocated for upfit/moving costs. Amendments to these terms will require congregational approval at a special called congregational meeting."

The Relocation Team is now in the process of reviewing all of the contract documents. It has NOT been signed at this point.

Relocation Teams

Interesting in helping with any of our Relocation Teams? Please contact the Team Leader directly.

Design/Upfit Team Mark Godette Email
Logistics Team Fred Cannady-Kelderman Email
Facility Services Team Al Williams Email
CEC Services Team
   Street Outreach Team
   Pantry Services Team
   Resource Assistance Team
Vance Haywood Email

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