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Tuesday Night Bible Study

Tuesday Night Bible Study: The Gospel of Inclusion

The Gospel of Inclusion by Bishop Carlton Pearson

After more than 8 years since the last time, Tuesday Night Bible Study will take on The Gospel of Inclusion. This groundbreaking and controversial book was offered in 2009. It radically transformed the spirituality of dozens of St. John’s folk who took that class.

Read Jim's book review from 2009

This time, Cindy Norton and Jim Manchester will co-facilitate the 12-week study that begins on Tuesday, October 3, 2017 at 6:30 pm in the William Stokes Friendship Hall in the St. John’s MCC Ministry Center.

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We’ll read a chapter or two of Bishop Carlton Pearson’s book in preparation for each class and then discuss what we find. Because of that, it will be important for each participant to have a copy of the book.

The Gospel of Inclusion: Reaching Beyond Religious Fundamentalism to the True Love of God and Self by Carlton Pearson is available from the publisher and other booksellers:

From Simon and Schuster, the publisher: Trade PaperbackAbridged Audio DownloadeBook
From Five different formats
From Google Play:  

For the first week, please read the Introduction to the book, Part One Introduction, and Chapter One: What is Inclusion? When you sign up, we will email you the course materials for the first session so you can prepare for the first class. A printed copy of each week's course materials will be available the week before the class.

Sign Up for the Gospel of Inclusion Study

We ask that you NOT read ahead until we are ready to begin preparation for the next chapter. This course builds from week to week. If you read ahead without preparation from the previous chapters, you may find hurdles that are extremely difficult to overcome.

Our schedule for the Course:

Date Chapters to be Covered Azuza Edition
Atria Edition
March 2008
Tuesday, October 3 Introduction to the book, Part One Introduction, and Chapter One: What is Inclusion? pp. 1-30 pp. 1-38
Tuesday, October 10 Chapter Two: Divine Oneness and Chapter Three: What Brand of God Do You Use? pp. 31-59 pp. 39-74
Tuesday, October 17 Part Two Introduction and Chapter Four: The Gospel of Sin pp. 61-74 pp. 75-92
Tuesday, October 24 Chapter Five: The Gospel of Evil pp. 75-86 pp. 93-107
Tuesday, October 31 Chapter Six: The Gospel of Salvation pp. 87-107 pp. 109-134
Tuesday, November 7 Chapter Seven: The Gospel of Hate pp. 108-129 pp. 135-161
Tuesday, November 14 Chapter Eight: The Gospel of Hell pp. 130-140 pp. 163-176
Tuesday, November 21 Chapter Nine: The Gospel of Faith pp. 141-160 pp. 177-201
Tuesday, November 28 Chapter Ten: The Gospel of Grace pp. 161-177 pp. 203-222
Tuesday, December 5 Part Three Introduction and Chapter Eleven: Re-Imagining God and Other Heretical Notions pp. 179-191 pp. 223-238
Tuesday, December 12 Chapter Twelve: What Second Coming? and Chapter Thirteen: Love: The New Religion pp. 192-209 pp. 239-261
Tuesday, December 19 Afterword: Exile - A Price Worth Paying and Course Wrap Up pp. 211-221 pp. 263-275