Contributions to St. John's MCC Ministries

Thank you for choosing to support the work of St. John’s MCC.

Your contributions help make possible the many ministries of St. John’s MCC to our local community and in our outreach around the world!

Option 1: Donate thru MightyCause

Option 2: Donate online to our ministries

PayPal App:

Venmo App: SJMCC76

Cash App: $SJMCC76

Google Pay App:

Apple Pay App: SJMCC76

Option 3: Donate by check

If you would prefer to make a donation by check, please make it payable to “St. John’s MCC” and send it to:

St. John’s MCC
PO Box 12871
Raleigh NC 27605-2871

Mobile Apps You Can Use to Donate to St. John’s MCC

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(St. John’s MCC was founded in 1976.)

Thank you for being a part of our exciting mission together! We thank you for your generous offering!

St. John’s MCC is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) religious organization. Your donations are deductible on your U.S. and North Carolina tax returns to the extent allowed by law. Tax ID 56-1209032.

As you know, when we give through PayPal, they normally charge us a fee ranging from 88¢ for a $20 gift to $4.65 for a contribution of $150. That’s 2.9% plus $0.30 for each one.

Paying by credit or debit card in person at a worship service isn’t any less expensive. For 2017, St. John’s MCC paid more than $1,300 in credit card and PayPal processing fees. That’s about $25 per week. Please understand that we don’t mind paying those fees if it means you can continue to be faithful in your giving to the ministries of St. John’s MCC. God’s work must continue here!

If you want 100% of your offering to go to the ministries of St. John’s MCC...

There is, however, a way to continue the convenience of online giving and avoid those fees altogether. PayPal doesn’t charge fees for amounts paid to friends when you use the PayPal smartphone app and you debit your checking account or PayPal account! Several of us have tried it, and it works!

If you don’t have the PayPal app installed on your smartphone, then please keep giving through the link provided on our website (above)!

But if you have a smartphone, you can add to your contacts, install the PayPal app, and allow it to know who your contacts (friends) are.

Then, when you give, tap “Send Money,” enter as the recipient, enter and confirm the amount, and PayPal will send your offering immediately. After the first time you do it, it will remember the email address, so you don’t have to enter it again. All you’ll have to do is remember to do it!

Ready to try it? Visit your phone’s app store and install the app.

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