The Fruit of the Spirit

Each week, please read and think about the material in this study guide. On some weeks, we will talk about two of the sections. You will need to read them in advance, because we will discuss them in creative and thought provoking ways. I will bring an additional handout each week to aid in our discussion.

We meet for study in Fellowship Hall at St. John’s MCC at 10:00 for Topics at Ten. I hope we see you there this Sunday!

At the beginning of this season of Pentecost – on May 31st, I asked each of you to “Prepare for the Pentecostal Power in You!” Both the text and the audio of that message is available on our “City on a Hill” St. John’s MCC Community Website in the “Podcasts” section.

That was the beginning of the season, and this month, we come to the end of it. But as this season draws to a close, we find a new beginning – an Advent. We often think of gift giving during Advent and Christmas. We worry that we won’t find the right gifts for our most treasured friends. We anticipate being extremely happy when someone gives us just the right thing – or being offended when that doesn’t happen.

But the very greatest gift we will EVER receive is a gift from God. This gift came to us through the example of Jesus. It is available to us through the power of the Holy Spirit. It is the Fruit of the Spirit, and it is yours!

– Jim Manchester