Virtual Meetings

Google Hangouts Meet AppThis is how we meet virtually using the Google Meet App.

It’s very easy to join in a “call” with more than one other person using Google Hangouts Meet. Each meeting (or virtual gathering) that is scheduled on our events calendar has a secure link to a virtual meeting “space.” You can access it via your smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer if it has a video camera and/or microphone system.

To join a meeting:

  1. Accept an invitation in your Google Calendar to join the meeting. (Set reminders to make sure you don’t miss the “call!”)
  2. Tap on the calendar event in your Google Calendar app and open it.
  3. Choose “Join video call” or “Join by phone.” It will open the Meet app.
  4. If you join by video, you see the controls for audio and video and information about the call. There is a button that says, “Join meeting.” When you tap that, you’re connected!
  5. To disconnect, simply exit the Meet app.

To organize a virtual St. John’s MCC meeting:

  1. Create an event in your Google Calendar using your email address/account. For the meeting location, be sure to indicate where YOU will be so people can attend in person if that option will be available.
  2. After checking to make sure “Add conferencing” is set to Hangouts Meet, invite individuals to participate in the meeting. They will receive secure invitations to attend either in person or via the Google Meet app. (This step actually sets up the virtual meeting space in Google Meet.)
  3. Tap on “Send invitations” or “Send meeting update.”
  4. Join the meeting using the instructions above just before the meeting is set to start.

The meeting organizer MUST know your email address and/or phone number to invite you to the meeting. To ensure privacy for meetings, we never publish a meeting’s secure link online. It MUST be sent to you individually. Please send a text or email message to the meeting’s organizer – including your name, email address, and phone number – prior to the start of the meeting. If you contact them soon enough, they will have time to add you to the event attendee list.