HKonJ People's Assembly: Moral March on Raleigh

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Saturday, February 08, 2020 8:30am - 12pm
Corner of Wilmington and South Street (near Shaw University) in Raleigh
Vance Haywood 
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HKonJ People's Assembly: Moral March on Raleigh

The LGBT Center of Raleigh, Connections, and St. John's MCC will be joining together to march in HKonJ this year. We are standing for Justice and Equality for ALL people and particularly those who are marginalized and oppressed by systems and structures that should be designed to protect the very people they hurt. LGBTQ people are dis-proportionately impacted and through joining other communities that are facing the same or similar issues, we increase the power of our voice. Come join us as we educate each other, bring awareness, and pave a way for change.

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If we decide to cancel services or activities at St. John’s MCC, any notifications will be made on the St. John's MCC Facebook Page and will appear on the following TV channels: WRAL (Channel 5) and Spectrum News (Cable Channel 14). If possible, we will also post notifications on the St. John’s MCC Community Website. As always, even if the church decides not to cancel services, please use your own judgment on whether or not it is safe for YOU to travel.

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