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Friday, June 28, 2019 7pm - 8pm
LGBT Center of Raleigh, 324 South Harrington Street, Raleigh NC 27603
Jim Manchester 
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Connections Program

For June Pride month, we will have a special guest ally come to help us understand the "Spiritual Well-Being of Black LGBT Individuals When Faced With Religious Homonegativity."

Patricia Hill, Ph.D., did her doctoral dissertation on the subject. You can download the PDF file from ScholarWorks.

From the abstract of Dr. Hill's study:

“Black lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT) individuals in the United States often face homophobic sermons and messages within their traditional religious settings. This research study was designed to document and understand the lived experiences of Black LGBT individuals’ spiritual well-being in the face of homonegativity, and to identify the ways in which they cope with these experiences.

“The results of this study provide insight into the challenges that Black LGBT individual experience with religious homonegativity and they ways in which they cope with these stresses and challenges. This study promotes positive social change by providing a better understanding of the impact of Christian religion on the mental and spiritual well-being of the Black LGBT individual.

“These findings can be used to inform therapists and psychologists who are seeking treatment strategies for their Black LGBT clients. The findings suggest there is an educational component that also could benefit family, friends, and religious leaders who want to be present and accepting of the Black LGBT community.”

Connections is a program of the LGBT Center of Raleigh that provides an opportunity for LGBTQ people of all faith backgrounds (or no faith backgrounds) and our Allies to come together and have conversation about various common concerns and ideas. The idea is to promote communication across a diverse group of people and provide safe, nonjudgmental space for people to express themselves with each other. Reconciling who we are - our sexuality and our spirituality - can be very difficult; Connections can provide a place where we are able to talk openly about such issues as well as other topics that some might consider taboo. Connections is all about building relationships - NOT religion.

Sometimes, we will have a main speaker on a central topic, but most months, we'll just have conversations around the room with small groups and individuals.

This month, please bring some refreshments to share with others. Come and explore new Connections in our faith community.

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