The Gospel of the Revelation
The Gospel of The Revelation
according to St. John the Divine
Virtual Class on Zoom
Winter 2021 • St. John's MCC Raleigh
Study facilitated by Jim Manchester

Session 7

The Gospel of the Revelation
according to St. John the Divine
St. John’s MCC • Session 7

Revelation 17 NRSV NKJV MSG GW

Questions to Ponder

Please read Revelation 17 silently one more time.

From the many different versions of Revelation 17 that you read during the week, you experienced this part of St. John the Divine’s vision from different perspectives. What actually happened in this chapter? Who did this to the woman and the people with her? How is this woman different from the one in Chapter 12? Why is this woman different?

The different versions gave different “names” for her. What were they? Why do you think it is so difficult for everyone to agree on one name?

This scene shifts from “heaven” to “the desert.” Why did that happen? What is the meaning of the “desert” or “wilderness” in this chapter? What do you think it represents? Why did the scene have to shift away from heaven?

How could the woman have “gotten drunk” on the “blood of God’s holy people?” How can the people of earth become “drunk from the wine of her sexual sin?” What do you suppose that sexual sin was?

What is your overarching feeling after reading all the different versions of this chapter? What lessons do we learn from it?

Dig Deeper

What forces oppose Jesus’ teachings in our lives today? What does that mean we have to do?

Revelation 18-19:10 NRSV NKJV MSG GW

Questions to Ponder

As we prepare for the “Final Judgment,” another angel appears. What warning does this angel deliver?

Remembering two things we’ve learned, (that all symbolism in Revelation refers to events that occurred before it was written and that Jesus’ greatest battles were with those who would use fear and shame as a weapon for power and control over God’s people), to whom was this warning given?

How is this warning different from the ones that we hear at the NC Pride Festival or Out! Raleigh Pride?

Why was there such rejoicing after the warning was given? Do you feel joy in this?

Revelation 19:11-22:21 NRSV NKJV MSG GW

Questions to Ponder

What would it feel like to be thrown into a burning lake? At what times would you feel that same intense emotion today?

Is that the end of the story?

Who do these characters represent?

What is the symbolism of the thousand years in the bottomless pit? List some of the most important allusions here:

What happens to Satan after the thousand years of bondage? Why has Satan not learned his/her lesson?

This is the “Final Judgment” in the Book of Revelation. However, we see this same kind of torment in our world today and, at times, feel it ourselves. We know that there will be times when we see it and feel it again. If so, is the name “Final Judgment” a correct one? Why?

Describe the allusions to the events of the trial and crucifixion of Jesus that we find in this story.

Dig Deeper

How would you describe a state of being where you knew – beyond all doubt – that God loves you and accepts you unconditionally? (Try to make your description as concrete as possible.)

Why is this Truth so important to learn?