The Gospel of the Revelation
The Gospel of The Revelation
according to St. John the Divine
Virtual Class on Zoom
Winter 2021 • St. John's MCC Raleigh
Study facilitated by Jim Manchester

Session 6

The Gospel of the Revelation
according to St. John the Divine
St. John’s MCC • Session 6

Revelation 14-15:4 NRSV NKJV MSG GW

Questions to Ponder

Here are the 144,000 again! Who are they? Are they the same 144,000 as in Chapter 7? They are singing a new song … again. What do you think their “new” song could be about?

Where is “mid-heaven?” What does “fear God and give God glory” mean? Where is this Babylon? Why has “Babylon” fallen? Why is God angry with these folks?

Where did this Judgment Day happen? Who did it involve and why? What were the consequences?

Who “conquered” the beast, its number, and its symbol? If they did all the work in the “conquest,” why are they praising God for God’s deeds?

Revelation 15:5-16:21 NRSV NKJV MSG GW

Questions to Ponder

We’ve learned a lot in the last few weeks about what John saw as the greatest threat to the church and to God’s people. If we shed the old fears that the “punishments” poured out in Chapter 16 are directed toward us because of old feelings of unworthiness, what is the point of this chapter – with its stinking sores, then rivers of blood and blistering heat, followed by darkness, drought, demons, and destruction?

Do these “bowl judgments” remind you of the “seal judgments” in Chapters 6:1-8:1 and the “trumpet judgments” in Chapters 8:2-11:18? Do you have similar feelings when you read them? How are your feelings different?

What is the significance of the smoke filling the temple? See Exodus 40:34-35 (at the completion of tabernacle) and 2 Chronicles 5:11-14 (at the dedication of the temple). Why can no one enter?

In verses 8-11, what is the impact of the judgments upon the people? How do they respond?

Consider verses 12, 13, 14, and 16. Look ahead to 19:20. Who then is the false prophet? Who is “gathering together” for war? Who prompts them to do so? Look at Ezekiel 38:15-39:22 and Joel 3:9-14.