The Gospel of Inclusion by Bishop Carlton Pearson
The Gospel of Inclusion
Reaching Beyond Religious Fundamentalism
to the True Love of God and Self
Tuesday Night Bible Study
Fall 2017 • St. John's MCC Raleigh
Discussion facilitated by Cindy Norton & Jim Manchester

Chapter Twelve and Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Twelve: What Second Coming? and Chapter Thirteen: Love: The New Religion
Notes, Questions, and Reflections
Tuesday, December 12, 2017

In preparation for this week’s discussion, please think about the Basic Homework Questions as you read it. Mark in your copy of the book or in your notebook which paragraphs pertain to these questions for you. Include your thoughts as to how they pertain to it. You’ll be ready to engage in discussion with the Group.

Then come back to this page and check out the additional questions and thoughts from past courses that St. John’s MCC people have had about the section that are listed below....

Which passages or paragraphs interested or inspired you most from this chapter?

What do you believe about the Second Coming of Christ?

Which common conceptions of the End Times come from scripture and which come from popular, secular fiction? What novels have shaped your conceptions of the events related to the Second Coming of Christ?

What does Pearson say is the difference between Divine Mystery and ignorance? (p. 240) How do many evangelical fundamentalists respond to what they see as a Divine Mystery? What does he fear will be the result of such ignorance? What does he now think the response to personal ignorance should be? What caused the transformation in his thought?

What does Pearson say the “Second Coming” really is? (p. 242)

So – What do we have to look forward to? (p. 251)

What examples does Pearson use that explains how a particular theological view can affect one’s worldview? (p. 244) How do you relate to those examples?