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Overcoming Bible Abuse about Homosexuality
a Bible Study for God’s Rainbow People
revised to include verses directed toward the Transgender Experience
by Jim Manchester
copyright © 2007-2021 • Jim Manchester & St. John’s MCC • All Rights Reserved


In 1997, a dear friend sent me a copy of The Reverend Terri Steed Pierce’s Sunday Morning Topics study and other materials, launching my interest in understanding how God could possibly love me – a Christian who is gay. I have wanted to share what I learned ever since. I’ve taken major portions of her study materials and adapted them for our use. Thank you, Pastor Terri!

Thanks to the many saints from St. John’s MCC who inspire and guide my faith journey and who have contributed to this effort in both direct and in indirect ways.

Our former Senior Pastor, the Reverend Brendan Y. Boone, encouraged me to articulate the truth that God loves each one of us. He took his time to read the preliminary drafts of this study and give me his feedback and timely suggestions, including the extensive bibliography. His influence here is pervasive and extremely valuable.

In recent years, there have been concerns that our Transgender friends have raised regarding certain Bible verses that seem to be pointed toward them. In revising this Study to respond to those concerns, I have relied on several people including Rebecca Chapin, Madeline Goss, Rev. Brendan Y. Boone, and Rev. R. David Smith. Thanks to Rev. Smith for a copy of The Bible and the Transgender Experience by Linda Tatro Herzer ... which is used extensively in those sections.

My thanks go to many saints, including Kevin Meadows, Kenny “It’s all about unconditional love!” Bowen, Rose Heffron, Bob Young, Mike Gauss, Jim Goble, Edward Smith, Sean Isler, Worth Lancaster, and all the folks who have taken this class for their suggestions and direct input into the development of this study. They have inspired me and made it easier for you to understand what I’m trying to say. If what you read here is still dense, it’s because I didn’t listen to them well enough. Please ask me what the portion in question means, and I’ll try to find a better answer or someone who can explain it better. Thanks to David Ray for helping put the original study together.

— Jim Manchester