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White Flag Team Page

The White Flag Shelter relies on staff and volunteers to accomplish its mission of providing safe shelter for those who need it. 




Staff Application

Apply to become a staff member of the White Flag Shelters.


We are actively accepting applications, and will begin interviews in a few weeks. Take some time to apply today!


Recurring Volunteer Application

Apply to become a volunteer member of the White Flag Shelters. Recurring volunteers assist staff members with day to day operations of the shelters. 


Occasional /One-Time Volunteer

Signup Genius provides a space for community members who would like to help occasionally or one time at the shelters. These tasks are usually during opening, closing, or preparation of the shelter sites. 


Would you like to volunteer as a group? There are many ways groups can be involved. Please utilize the link below to connect with a Shelter Coordinator to help set up a time for your group to get involved.