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We are returning to worship with in-person gatherings starting 11 October 2020. This is subject to change based on the latest data and at the discretion of our COVID Taskforce.

Physical distancing, face coverings, and other COVID precautions are in place to keep everyone safe.

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Hurricane Laura Relief

Hurricane Laura Disaster DamageBuildings and homes were damaged after Hurricane Laura made landfall near Lake Charles, La., on Thursday. Photo credit: David J. Phillip/AP

Hurricane Laura Disaster Damage Hurricane Laura Disaster Damage

Hurricane Laura made landfall in Cameron, Louisiana on 27 August 2020. The storm was one of the strongest on record to ever hit the US and left a path of destruction that is unimaginable.

Many towns such as Vinton, Louisiana were devastated. Most of the residents have either lost their homes or they have been severely damaged.

St. John’s MCC, along with MCC of New Orleans and Baton Rouge, are partnering to provide supplies and assistance to the area. We are planning mission trips to address specific needs and welcome your support.

Supply Needs:

  • Bleach
  • Sponges
  • Mops
  • Push Brooms
  • Buckets
  • Misc. Cleaning supplies

Delivery Information:

MCC of Baton Rouge is serving as the receiving and sorting center for the Hurricane Relief project. If you purchase via Amazon or other online distributor, please have your donations shipped directly to:

MCC Baton Rouge
7747 Tom Dr
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Phone for shipping purposes: 225.248.0404

Volunteer Needs:

We will be making several mission trips to the area between now and the end of the year. If you are interested in being a part of the team, please fill out the volunteer form: Tap here

In addition to people going on the mission trip, we also need people to help coordinate these trips. This can be done remotely and without any requirement to travel.

For More Information:

Call: 919.834.2611 ext 402

See the links below to sign up or to donate.


Please tap the "Hurricane Laura" fund.

Donate Water or Supplies

Supply Donation

Be a Part of the Team

Mission trips to the area between now and the end of the year

Join the Team

Give to the Hurricane Relief Fund

Please tap the "Hurricane Laura" fund.


Email for more information

Message from the Senior Pastor

As many of you may know, my family lives in Vinton, Louisiana. My family made it through the storm alive which is the most important thing. They like most of the people in Vinton and surrounding areas have lost their homes, most of their belongings and in many cases their livelihoods.

The storm's devastation was so widespread that finding shelter is very difficult. My dad has slept in his truck many nights and others are sleeping in makeshift houses with tarps and whatever they can find to create shelter.

My heart goes out to everyone in Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas that are trying to put the pieces back together. Please consider supporting this cause to help families like mine find hope and survive in the coming weeks.

God of Unconditional Love, grant your everlasting Peace. Amen,

Rev. Vance Haywood
Senior Pastor
St. John's Metropolitan Community Church