MCC Pulse Memorial 2017: Commemoration and Commitment

We invite you to join this global event.

Pulse Memorial Service June 2017

Live from Orlando, Florida, USA
June 12 2017
7 pm EDT

MCC will host an international virtual gathering to remember those affected by the Pulse tragedy and to recommit to acts of compassion and justice. Forty days of tributes on MCC's Facebook page.

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You are invited to post and share in writing, prose or poetry, in your language of choice, or through music or video or other art forms.

  • How this tragedy affected you, individually and communally
  • How your faith helped you cope with tragedy
  • How this tragedy is spurring us to make sure when hate tries that love wins

Virtual Memorial Service

MCC will host a LIVE global worship service from Orlando, Florida, to remember those affected by the Pulse tragedy. We will also recommit to acts of compassion and justice.

St. John's MCC will live stream the Memorial Service from Orlando in their large meeting space. Everyone in the Community is invited to join them at 622 Maywood Avenue, Raleigh NC 27603, near Trophy Brewing Company. Free parking is available in the lot and along Maywood Avenue.

While the organizers of the Virtual Memorial Service have planned for 90 minutes, participants should expect it to run as long as two hours. Light refreshments will be provided.