Inclusive Language Workshop

Inclusive Language Workshop Part 1

Inclusive Language Workshop Parts 1 & 2

- a workshop led by Jim Manchester

We have talked a lot in our LGBT Center of Raleigh Connections program meetings about how the language we use with our faith communities affects marginalized people. What we say to and about people makes a big difference!

And it’s more than just using the right names and pronouns for people. The language we use to describe our Creator may be reinforcing the grip that patriarchy and racism have on our society. Certain words we use metaphorically to refer to wrongdoing (“blackness,” “darkness,” or even “blindness”) may send messages that minimize a person’s worth whether we intend to insult them or not. Plus, certain words we often use in worship have their roots in slavery and reinforce racial and class conflict.

I developed an Inclusive Language Workshop to explore these issues. It examines the language we use in prayers, songs, and even as we read scripture.

I invite you to explore Inclusive Language with me on Tuesday night, July 20th at 7:00 pm on Zoom. The first session will take a little over one hour and will be followed by a second, follow-up session the following week (July 27th) at the same time.

Will you come? Here’s the link to Register on Zoom. If you’ve already registered, please share this link with anyone who may be interested.

Register in advance on Zoom for a secure link by email: Register on Zoom