Welcome Ministry Team Training

Welcome Ministry Team

You remember what it’s like.... You came in the door and the Saints at St. John’s MCC welcomed you with open arms and made you feel like you belonged here. Even though you tried to blend in, they noticed your presence. They started loving you for just who you are from your first time as a guest, and they haven’t stopped.

We do that intentionally at St. John’s MCC. Perhaps you have a passion for making people who have been rejected by others feel right at home.

Learn the secrets about all the ways we do that during a one-hour training session on Sunday, October 27th at 1:30pm. When it’s done, you can decide if you want to be a part of our Welcome Ministry.

Even long-time Welcome Ministry Team members will benefit from this refresher session.

Please RSVP on Facebook. You know you want to help!

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