World AIDS Day Sunday 2018

Our Speaker

Dr. David Williams, M.D., M.P.H.

Dr. David Williams M.D., M.P.H.David was born in Kingston, Jamaica where he completed his primary and secondary school education. Upon immigrating to the United States, he completed his undergraduate studies in biology/biochemical engineering. Since graduating from medical school, he has worked as an emergency/trauma medicine physician and surgeon in the US and several overseas locales as well as a project/program director in employee health and safety for a number of major telecom equipment manufacturers and providers.

David studied at the master’s level, qualitative and quantitative aspects of the U.S. healthcare system policy and politics, including epidemiology of and comparison with international perspectives on emergency medicine, public health and HIV/AIDS. David has more than 25 years of medical and engineering experience. He holds degrees in engineering, medicine and public health; and has extensive experience in managing complex development and deployment projects for large health care companies/organizations, and multinational telecom providers.

David was initially baptized Anglican and then grew up in his grandmother’s Pentecostal church. David started attending MCC Christ the Liberator in 2008 after searching for a church home for a number of years.

Since 2011, David has served on the Board of Directors of MCC Christ the Liberator in various roles from clerk, treasurer, lay delegate, and vice moderator. In January 2017 he was appointed as the Interim Pastor of MCC CTL and was recently elected as Senior Pastor. David was appointed as member of MCC’s HIV/AIDS Advisory Council in 2012. He was later named as the Program Officer in 2015. This role evolved into David being named as MCC’s Program Officer/Coordinator for Health & Wellness. In this role, he has represented MCC at the United Nations High Level Meeting on HIV/AIDS, the US Conference on AIDS, and performed as the Medical Director at the 2015 MCC General Conference held in Victoria, Canada. David was named to the Governing Board of UFMCC in January 2018 and has been serving in the role of Treasurer.

David resides and practices in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area and travels extensively internationally lecturing on varied subjects in the fields of emergency medicine/trauma surgery and public health as well as visiting a number of MCC churches and networks.