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Founders Month Celebrations

MCC 50th Anniversary

The 50th Anniversary of MCC Churches is October 7th, 2018. But we're stretching it into more than a month of commemorative activities and services. Put these important dates on your calendar now.

September 21-23 - The Rev. Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson, retired global leader of MCC Churches, visits with St. John's MCC

  • Friday 7pm - Meet the Author Event at the LGBT Center of Raleigh
  • Saturday morning and afternoon - Workshops led by Rev. Elder Wilson
  • Saturday 1:00pm - Lunch Boxes of Love with Rev. Elder Wilson serving
  • Sunday 9am & 11am - Worship Experiences with Rev. Elder Wilson preaching
  • Sunday, 4pm - Pride Interfaith Service at Pullen Memorial Baptist Church

September 29-30 - LGBTQ Pride Celebrations

  • Saturday morning afternoon, and evening - Pride in Durham Parade, Pride After Dark Festival and Celebration
  • Sunday 9am & 11am - Pride Worship Experiences with Rev. Vance Haywood preaching

October 7 - Founders Sunday

  • Sunday 9am & 11am - Founders Day Worship Experiences with Rev. Jimmy Gibbs preaching

October 13-14 - Homecoming Celebration

  • Saturday 9am - Homecoming Brunch & Feast Preparation
  • Saturday 4pm - Homecoming Choir Rehearsal
  • Sunday 9am - Homecoming Brunch
  • Sunday 10am - Homecoming Worship Experience featuring Rev. Willie White, St. John's MCC Founder with other founding members of the church
  • Sunday 12noon - Homecoming Feast
  • Sunday 6pm - Gospel Drag Show

October 21 - Founders Month Closing Celebration

Sunday 9am & 11am - Worship Experiences with Rev. Vance Haywood preaching

Tuesday Night Bible Study: Jesus Revisited

Jesus Revisited: Putting on the Mind of Christ

With our “20-20 hindsight” Christianity, we have become spiritual sleepwalkers! We know the story, how the plot comes out, who the winners are, and what the winning team is all about. Yet all this “knowing” gets in the way. What was Jesus’ mission and message REALLY about?

This study will shock you awake and get you started on the path Jesus intended for all to follow. It is not about “right” belief; but about “right” practice. Jesus is proposing a total meltdown and recasting of human consciousness.

Join us in an eight-week study that explores what Jesus was talking about, how he walked his talk, and end with five Christian Wisdom practices that will help us make the transformation.

Cindy Norton leads a study called “Jesus Revisited: Putting on the Mind of Christ” beginning Tuesday night, April 17th and for each of 8 weeks. We meet in the William Stokes Friendship Hall on Tuesday nights starting at 6:30 pm. Come early and bring your bag dinner to eat with others who gather early.

Tuesday Night Bible Study: God’s Still Communicating?

God's Still Communicating?

God’s Still Communicating?

Is the Bible the only means for God speaking to people? Is prayer a one-way conversation, or does God communicate as well? Does God speak through our circumstances? Is not God capable of applying God’s word to our lives in numerous ways?

Maybe you have been confused about what God is saying to you or taught that God does not speak. Maybe you are disillusioned by those who claim to hear from God and use it irresponsibly.

We will discuss what Scripture has to say about it and open our eyes and ears to ways God intimately relates to us personally.

Cindy Norton leads a study called “God’s Still Communicating?” beginning Tuesday night, June 19th and for each of 8 weeks - taking a holiday break on July 3rd. We meet in the William Stokes Friendship Hall on Tuesday nights starting at 6:30 pm. Come early and bring your bag dinner to eat with others who gather early.

Holy Week at St. John's MCC

Holy Week

As we continue our journey through lent and now enter into Holy Week, we pause to reflect on the sacrifice made and the Love that was shown through the events of this week. We acknowledge that through the unconditional and reckless love that Jesus freely gave, that we are called to Love in the same way; freely and unconditionally. We are reminded that through the pain and suffering of darkness of this week, there’s a bright and glorious light that awaits us! The light of Jesus Christ!

Please join us as we journey through this week:

  • Spy Wednesday as we focus on Judas and consider the topic of Betrayal in a way that you may have never thought of!
  • Maundy Thursday as we focus on “The Last Supper.” Joining in communion with one another - a new take and mind changing experience on a tradition with powerful meaning; though it may not be what you think!
  • Good Friday as we visit Jesus in those finals hours and focus on the sacrifice made. We will focus on stations of the cross and how they are applicable to us today as we reflect, meditate, and renew our call to action.
  • Holy Saturday when the church will be open for you to come by and sit for a moment or a while in prayer and meditation. We encourage you to come and spend time at the foot of the cross as you reflect on your own spiritual journey and also to pray for justice. When we come together in prayer, it changes things, it moves us to action!

Let this journey prepare you for your future, for your ministry!


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