Bare Theatre goes Into The Woods in February

I’m stoked (and terrified) to be playing the Narrator and the Mysterious Man in Into the Woods in February. It’s a large production in Henderson, NC with a full orchestra and all the pretty stuff. It’s in PG territory, so it’s a good call for around ages 8+ or youngers who can sit for 2.5 hours!

Constant companions Brian Westbrook (Baker), Benjamin Tarlton (Jack), Kelsey Bledsoe (Rapunzel’s Prince), and Joe Wimberley (bass player) will be involved as well! Some of you may also know Mark Hopper (director/MD).

I’d love for you to come see us play around. Tickets are pretty reasonable ($25) for a production of this size.

We only run for two weekends and this should sell really well, so I recommend getting tickets as soon as you are able to secure your schedule.

Please pass this along to anybody you think might enjoy the show!

You can purchase them on

Love to all!
Dustin Britt