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Board of Directors

Vance Haywood 2017

Vance Haywood

Mark Godette 2017

Mark Godette
Vice Chair

Bob Young 2018

Bob Young

Bob has been a part of St. John’s MCC since January 1992. He says, “I am currently the Treasurer on the Board of Directors and have helped out in many ways over the years. I have learned that if I pick something interesting, and get involved helping out in it, then new opportunities might open up.”

Marty Smith 2019

Martin Smith

Marty has been a member of St. John’s MCC since 1994. He says: “My background is Northern Baptist followed by Midwest Presbyterian). I have been on the Board for at least seven years (I can’t actually remember how long), where I currently serve as the Secretary, taking minutes at the meetings, as well as helping count the offering on Sundays and signing checks.”

Willie Evans 2017

Willie Evans

Calvin Woods

Calvin Woods

Board of Trustees

Al Williams

Al Williams
Board of Trustees Chair

Growing up, Al Williams’ faith tradition was a blend of Baptist and Church of Christ Disciples of Christ. Many years ago, despite the old tapes that he had been fed over decades, he finally realized that God loved him just as he was with the help of St. John’s MCC. The concept of building and relying on a personal relationship with God, rather than on the “yokes of religion” helped Al understand the true meaning of following Christ. Al leads the Board of Trustees and is involved in other ministries.

This Stream began at approximately 10:00 AM EDT on Sunday, July 26th, 2020.

Rev. Paully Adams speaks on “Reclaiming the Power of Prayer” for St. John’s MCC’s Sunday Morning Worship.

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Eric Valencia

Eric Valencia is the assistant to Pastor Vance Haywood.

Born and raised in Southern California, Eric relocated to North Carolina in 2009. Eric attended Johnston Community College and obtained an Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Technology in 2016. Currently, Eric is working on completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from East Carolina University. He hopes to one day attend law school.

As a child, Eric’s family played an active role in the church. His father ran a food ministry, while Eric devotedly assisted with the church’s youth ministry.

In addition to working and studying, Eric is an avid DIYer. He also loves working in the yard and is very passionate about landscaping!


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