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Profiling the life and times of one of the gay community’s most visible and tenacious advocates for change, Rev. Elder Dr. Troy Perry, Call Me Troy is a truly inspirational story about a remarkable and dynamic individual whose activism was decades ahead of its time.

Rev. Elder Perry is perhaps best known as the founder of the Metropolitan Community Church - the first church to recognize the spiritual needs of the gay community - but his “firsts” don’t stop there. He was the first openly gay person to serve on the Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations. In 1969, Perry performed the first public same-sex wedding in the U.S., and in 1970 he filed the first-ever lawsuit seeking legal recognition for same-gender marriages. From presidential advisor to outspoken advocate, Perry has been on the front lines leading the charge for equal rights and protections for gay men and lesbians the world over as well as providing a place for all people, gay and straight, to worship side by side. This film celebrates his life and his legacy.

St. John’s MCC has incorporated the viewing of Call Me Troy into our “MCC Discovery Course.” When you have finished watching it, please record your attendance here. Record Attendance We will discuss Rev. Elder Perry’s impact on our lives.

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Lenten Journal 2020 Week 1

Welcome to a wonderful 40-day journey with God! We’re excited you chose to journey with God in this way during this Lenten Season as a Community of Faith. It is our prayer as you go into the Easter Season, you will be fulfilled and closer to God!

Rev. Vance Haywood, Senior Pastor
Fred Cannady-Kelderman, Associate Pastor

How to use this journal:

Each day you will be given a scripture to reflect on for the day. A topic that is important to the life of our community of faith and a short prayer in connection to the topic. Please know, you are free to pray your own prayer. All we ask is that you stay focused on the topic for the day.

You are also provided a space to write our prayer requests or thoughts for that particular day.

We will begin Ash Wednesday and continue 40 days counting Monday thru Saturday. Sunday’s are “mini Easter” celebrations as we journey to the Resurrection Morning! We encourage you on Sunday’s to reflect on what you are thankful for and on the sermon for that day!

Remember, fasting is more than about food. It is about sacrifice! Give up something for 40 days, that you will miss and ask God to strengthen you as you sacrifice that thing for God.

If at any time you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out to any of us!

Download Week 1

Download Week 2

You can get email reminders during your Lenten Journey. If you are new to our mailing list, Sign Up here. Be sure to check the "Lenten Journey" box.

If you are already on the list, you may update your preferences by tapping here. You will get an email message to make sure it is you. Follow the link in that message and check the "Lenten Journey" box.

Prayer 101

Cindy Norton leads a study of Prayer 101. "Everyone needs to go back to the basics from time to time."

Meet in the William Stokes Friendship Hall on Tuesday nights starting at 6:30 pm. Come early and bring your bag dinner to eat with others who gather early.

The Gospel of the Revelation

Sign Up for the Gospel of The Revelation Course

We have at least three different ways we can understand the Book of Revelation: We can read it like a Roman would, or like a first-century Jew might, or we can read it like the early first-century followers of Jesus Christ DID read it. What did the early church know about the Book of Revelation that many people of today don’t?

This Tuesday Night Bible Study class, “the Gospel of the Revelation according to St. John the Divine,” peals away all the curious, preconceived, mysterious notions we have collected about it and makes it come alive in a way that renews and strengthens our faith.

It is a story of unimaginable tragedy and loss and, at the same time, a story of incredible delight and joy. But maybe NOT in the way you think.

You will need your Bible from the first session on Tuesday night, February 6th and for each of 8 weeks through the end of March. The first session on February 6th is absolutely required if you plan to be a part of this study. Otherwise, the remaining classes probably won’t make sense.

We meet in the William Stokes Friendship Hall on Tuesday nights starting at 6:30 pm. Come early and bring your bag dinner to eat with others who gather early.

Tuesday Night Bible Study takes a break for January in preparation for this study.

Apocalyptic Writing

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