Reflections on Faith and Faithfulness

Unpack your Bags: Heaven Is Here on Earth

by Leah Sampson


When I accept God for who He is and how His power works in my life, I will never again say, “Why me Lord?”  There is no why in Christ because as the Word proclaims, He is.  He is and as believers we can fill in the blank. We fill in the blank through faith. 

My faith erases the need to question my journey. I live and experience life as an outward expression of the gratitude I have for the One who has provided me grace and mercy throughout my life. His grace and mercy have been a consistent force when I was aware of Him and in times where I believed He was far from me.

I have only touched the tip of God’s promise for my life and with that understanding I know that the potential for my exponential growth lies in the act of hoping . . . FAITH.  Faith is inclusive. Faith is a choice. It is an action word; it is our eyes, ears, the beating of our heart.  It allows us to love and believe knowing that there is something greater in store.

In Hebrews, the author describes God as the Author and Perfector of our faith. As I understand that text, my faith grows and knows that God has created each one of us with a message.  God has written beautiful, complex, texts that outline the possibilities of our lives with one simple caveat: Believe in me, Follow me, and I will give you the desires of your heart.  

We all have the potential to live the best life now on earth …we don’t have to wait for heaven.  So, unpack your bags!  Believe! Love!  Have Faith and God will show you what it means to live a Kingdom life and how to live it . . . right here on earth.

"Proclaiming Christ ....Building Community.... Transforming Lives"

From St. John's MCC Statement of Vision